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Tabôa Communitarins Strengthening Association's mission is to empower communities through providing access to knowledge, financial resources and stimulus to cooperation, so that people, businesses and organizations can realize their potential towards sustainability. By means of two programs that integrate economic, socio-cultural and environmental dimensions, Tabôa connects and mobilizes efforts to collaborate for the achievement of the changes it believes to be necessary.


The Territorial Development Program of Serra Grande and its surroundings invests in strengthening organizations, collectives, leaderships and local businesses, with special attention to traditional communities, young people and the issue of gender equity. By fostering more collaborative community relations and improving capacities, it aims to strengthen civil society's protagonism in managing the local territory.


The Rural Development Program, in turn, supports small producers and rural businesses in transition to sustainable development by offering micro-credit and technical assistance, dissemination of knowledge, and technical qualification. As part of these strategies, the Muká Agroecological Platform has been underway since 2018, in partnership with the Povos da Mata Network and the Ibiá Institute, involving more than 400 family farmers.


Headquartered in the district of Serra Grande, Uruçuca (BA), Tabôa currently deploy actions that affect 28 municipalities in Bahia, distributed among the territories of the South Coast, Irecê, and Médio Rio de Contas. It also acts in emergency fronts, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, supporting the community in facing periods of crisis.


Throughout its history, the organization has achieved significant results, having been recognized in 2020, for the third consecutive year, as one of the Best NGOs in Brazil, an award granted by the Doar Institute. The institutional performance was also further recognized in 2019 by an external assessment of results, which confirmed the relevance and efficacy of the strategies deployed to bring about positive impacts in the territories it supports.


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