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Institute for Society, Population and Nature is a Brazilian non-governmental organization that has been active in the socio-environmental field since 1990, supporting traditional populations and communities, family farmers and community-based organizations. In addition to its history of engagement in the Cerrado region, in 2012, the organization also started to work in the Caatinga and Amazon biomes.


The Institute seeks to value and strengthen initiatives that combine environmental conservation, sustainable use of biodiversity, and community development in rural areas. To do so, it promotes the production and management of knowledge by valuing local knowledge and practices, strengthening the relationship between researchers and communities, and fostering socio-productive inclusion by democratizing access to financial resources.


It also stimulates social participation in spaces of elaboration, implementation, and governance of public policies, engaging in open dialogue with various segments and networks from civil society and governmental spheres.

Knowledge Management

Here you can find our most recent publications, covering topics such as sustainable use of biodiversity, traditional communities, and community project development.

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