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Who we are


The Institute for Climate and Society (iCS) is a philanthropic organization that promotes prosperity, justice and low carbon development in Brazil. We act as a bridge between international and national funders and local partners. As such, we are part of a broader network of philanthropic organizations dedicated to building solutions to the climate crisis.


iCS designs action plans to tackle climate issues from a societal perspective. Therefore, it prioritizes measures that, besides reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, also generate improvements in quality of life for society, especially for the most vulnerable.

The Institute's main activity is to provide donations in order to foster projects and organizations. In addition, we are also dedicated to engaging society on the issue of climate change, implementing our own projects, and building the institutional capacity of civil society organizations.


Mission: To strengthen conditions that leverage long-lasting climate change mitigation and resilience practices


Vision: Carbon neutral Brazil with economic growth and social justice, compatible with 1.5ºC


The iCS acts on six priority areas:


  • Land use and food systems

  • Climate policy and engagement;

  • Low-carbon economy;

  • Law and climate.


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