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ICOM - Instituto Comunitário Grande Florianópolis is an innovative non-profit organization that operates under the concept of community foundation. Since 2005, ICOM has promoted community development through mobilization, networking and support for investors and social initiatives.


What drives ICOM


ICOM believes that a strengthened civil society is vital for a more humane, just and democratic community, and sees people as the true protagonists of social change. When involved in groups, movements and organizations of civil society, they are the ones who empower, in a network, actions aimed at the common good. Together and organized, they respond quickly and innovatively to social problems.


One must recognize that people and ethical and transparent institutions who want to make a difference need to be recognized, made known, and empowered. ICOM is the institution that strengthens the work of such individuals and organizations in the Greater Florianópolis region.




Cooperation, collaboration and partnerships, ethics, innovation, quality and transparency.


Results in 15 years

  • 1,500 CSOs and collective actions impacted

  • R$ 10 million invested in the community

  • R$ 2.25 million donated directly to civil society

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