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The Fundo Positivo is the first national private sustainability fund aimed at fundraising and empowering CSOs that are working in HIV/AIDS and Viral Hepatitis prevention and social assistance projects, who are currently suffering from financial instability that risks the continuation of their work. This fund was announced on the World AIDS Day (December 1st), during an official ceremony held by the Ministry of Health.


According to Harley Nascimento, general coordinator of the Fundo Positivo, "the initiative was conceived to be a strong ally in the fight against the AIDS and Viral Hepatitis epidemics, and it will contribute to the implementation of new support and assistance efforts, in addition to repositioning the issue in as a major concern in our society".


To ensure its autonomy and expand its fundraising efforts in the long term, the entity will have an independent administration consisting of a network of supporters from various segments of society, including individuals and companies, both national and foreign.


The Fundo Positivo is composed of an Advisory Board made up of volunteer members following sectorial and geographical criteria of representation.

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