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For over 20 years ELAS has been investing in women to overcome their challenges


 "Women drive and sustain the economy and care.  Investing in them and in the sustainability of their initiatives is strategic for rebuilding the country in the post-covid-19 period. For women, economic independence means much more than having income, a salary, being able to buy clothes or pay the rent. For them, economic independence means understanding and exercising rights such as the right to come and go, integral health, and active participation in culture and politics."


Amalia Fisher


ELAS – Social Investment Fund was born more than 20 years ago from a group of women from different social movements who are passionate about women and about the power of  transformation they perceive in them. They decided to invest in research that showed that very few resources reached women's organizations and that, in fact, women were the ones who produced the biggest changes in society.


The first fund aimed at finding financial national and international resources to exclusively promote and strengthen the role of women and transgender people was born. Its mission: to invest in the women and trans people organizations and to facilitate their initiatives. Values: passion and trust in women, respect for uniqueness and multiplicity, and a vision: donate to transform!  As a strategy, we set out to seek donations from foundations, funds, companies, in addition to individual donations, enabling a fair and transparent distribution to women's groups and organizations. Over the years, ELAS has improved and innovated many times, without deviating from its vision, mission, and values.


ELAS listens to women through Dialogues initiative, a part of its methodology that precedes the preparation of calls for proposals, acting as "seed spaces" for harvesting diagnoses and solutions that the most diverse women dream of in order to transform their daily lives, families, and communities.  Dialogues also takes place during the harvesting period, after the resources provision and initiative execution, so as to evaluate and celebrate all the progress made. In these spaces, the organizations strengthen their action networks, which are then amplified throughout society. The Calls for Proposals select projects or organizations in a transparent way distribute resources. Evaluations demonstrate social profit, which cannot be simply measured in money, but rather in the collective impact of changes that ensure sustainability and social justice. 


ELAS’s difference is its knowledge of social and cultural movements, from which its founders originally came. ELAS was the first, and today is still the only fund that invests exclusively in women. It understands and recognizes multiplicity, which is why it also supports organizations of transgender and LBT people. It has in its governance a very active advisory board, which is connected to the struggle of women for the end of violence and inequality, and towards gender equity, economic empowerment, and emancipation.


By supporting and accompanying organizations and groups, ELAS watches the development of bonds and creation of networks, realizing the collective impact of its actions. ELAS has learned that isolated support does not bear fruit; it is necessary to take collective action. And as such it aims to perform, throughout Brazil, where real challenges are. It supports the women who live, know and can directly act in their communities.


Investing in women is ELAS's way of changing the world:


Donate to transform.

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