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Caption: Casa Cidades Program Workshop, 2018.

The Casa Socio-Environmental Fund is an organization that seeks to promote environmental conservation and sustainability, democracy, respect for socio-environmental rights, and social justice through financial support and capacity building for civil society initiatives in South America.


To this end, we have developed a powerful support network for small civil society initiatives. A network that mobilizes resources, provides support, and strengthens their capacities, ensuring increasing autonomy for these groups, which are spread-out throughout South America. We believe that transformation starts by listening, and that is why we listen to the real protagonists of each cause we embrace: those whose lives are directly affected by any change in the territory they occupy.


We partner with philanthropic institutions that wish to support grassroots communities, but face barriers to reach such groups. We have experience in making philanthropy's resources reach community groups, and to this end we have developed a methodology for support and monitoring that accounts for the dynamics of the territories.


We have been pioneers in the debate of socio-environmental philanthropy in Brazil since 2005. Our mission is to generate positive impact in the most diverse territories, by investing in the lives that surround them, creating connections between people and organizations. We exist to transform.

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