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Fundo Brasil de Direitos Humanos_Foto Ai

The Brazil Human Rights Fund is an independent, non-profit foundation established in 2006 by human rights activists of undeniable importance in the history of Brazil: Abdias do Nascimento (1914-2011), Margarida Genevois, Rose Marie Muraro (1930-2014), and Dom Pedro Casaldáliga (1928-2020).


Its mission is to promote respect for human rights in Brazil, creating sustainable, innovative, and effective mechanisms to strengthen civil society organizations and develop philanthropy for social justice.


The foundation acts as a bridge, facilitating human rights defense initiatives through donations from individuals, companies, and both public and private institutions.


Through the use of calls for proposals, the Fund carries out impartial selection of projects aimed at the defense of rights. These projects must necessarily be created and led by activists and communities directly affected by the violation of rights they seek to address. In addition to financial support, projects also receive qualified assistance to strengthen their work while also respecting the autonomy, specificities and strategies of each group, all of it aiming towards the consolidation of networks of action.


Since its first call for proposals in 2007, the Brazil Human Rights Fund supported more than 550 projects and donated more than R$ 29.5 million.

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