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Created in 2011, the Baoba - Fund for Racial Equity is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to mobilize people and resources, in Brazil and abroad, to support pro-racial equity projects of civil society organizations (CSOs) and Afro-Brazilian leaders. The Baobá Fund seeks to promote an agenda that stimulates philanthropy for social justice in the country, based on the principles of effectiveness, transparency and ethics.


In addition to promoting racial equity, the fund also  relies practices of excellence in resource management, transparency and accountability. The Baobá Fund for Racial Equity is one of the member organizations of the Brazilian Philanthropy Network for Social Justice, and it focuses its actions on the fight for social justice for the black population. These actions are based on four programmatic axes:


Living with dignity - it is the constant search for health and quality of life. The concept of quality of life does not simply relates physical well-being. It is necessary to support those who suffer the most diverse forms of violence, especially racial and religious violence. The protection of rights of quilombola communities is also under this category.


Education - we encourage initiatives that face institutional racism within the school environment, from early childhood through higher education; life projects and the expansion of socio-emotional capacities among teenagers and young adults; training of high ranking/senior professionals.


Economic development - we support projects and initiatives that provide professional training for the world of work; entrepreneurship and the promotion of racial diversity in companies.


Communication and memory - support for projects and initiatives that value and disseminate cultural, material, and symbolic goods (artistic production – music, dance, song, literature, etc.; traditional and innovative cultural practices); black media.


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