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Instituto Procomum (IP) is a civil society organization that endeavors to strengthen people and organizations, organize communities and build networks, promoting, through collaboration, the transition to a common world between diverse people. We have existed since 2016 and work out of the “Baixada Santos” area, in the State of São Paulo, where we are headquartered and have installed our Citizenship Lab (“Lab Cidadão”), called Lab Procomum, which is a space for creation, innovation and gatherings, and covers an area of 1200m², with multiple subdivisions.

IP envisions a world where society is structured around affection, cooperation, collaboration and the defense of life in all its forms, whether through art and creativity, or through the fight against inequality; social technology and public interest innovation, the redefinition of the civic arena; self-organized communities, the confrontation of violence, structural racism and the climate crisis.

Our work is based on three key strategy foundations:

·     Education (learning through experience) – We invest on education that teaches us to engage in critical reflection, to experience and build, collectively, the transition to a different system.

·     Innovation (experiencing while learning) – The Innovation we believe in is that which is commanded by the people who are directly affected by the social issues; we assume that they know their causes and effects and are willing to work to change the situation.

·         Expansion and Impact (achieving together) – So that more and more people have access to open methodologies and technologies to activate networks and communities, which we test on our stomping grounds, the “Baixada Santos” area.

Our aim is to contribute to a society in which collaboration prevails over competition in human relationships, creativity leads the transition to wellbeing, citizenship establishes itself into more self-governing communities and cooperative networks, the State and private agents submit to collective community action, and care drives social and economic reorganization.


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