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FunBEA - Brazilian Environmental Education Fund, is a non-state public fund, or, in other words, a private fund of public interest, with the goal of strengthening collectives and permanent environmentalist educational processes. It is based on a critical conception of the ways of living in our current societies, believing that it is possible to transform the socio-environmental models we live, through inspiring experiences, towards sustainable societies.


Since 2012, FunBEA brings together dreamers and changemakers to strengthen and consolidate Environmental Education in Brazil, based on knowledge, practice, criticism and political engagement in various instances of society.


Its mission is to raise and provide funds for structuring projects and initiatives based on critical environmental education and committed to profound change all across Brazil.


Its operation is structured in three pillars:


Political - Seeking to promote and strengthen society policies where the government has an important role, but is not the only actor responsible for the conception and implementation; fostering social control through intersectoral communication; promoting, connecting and strengthening mechanisms of decentralization and forms of popular participation.


Formative - Seeking to promote the deepening and enhancement of Environmental Education initiatives for sustainability; committing to participatory processes, attentive to grassroots communities and grassroots environmental educators; working together with groups and Educational Collectives that have as their mission the organization of processes of education, training, mobilization, educommunication, social participation, and joint action in their territories of action.


Financial - Understanding the historical scenario of low investment in the field of Environmental Education, FunBEA seeks to raise public or private financial resources and be a source of encouragement and strengthening for actions and projects in this area in Brazil, focusing on societal control through mechanisms of decentralization, red tape reduction, and the increase of transparency in the use of these resources.


We connect different institutions, people, and movements, understanding society's organizations as some of the main sources for formulation and implementation of public policy. We seek to demonstrate the paths to greater representation, by strengthening collectives and decision making.






The Fund's creation was a pioneering step towards the funding of Environmental Education in Brazil. It enables the resource provision in a transparent and accessible manner. To strengthen project outreach, in addition to providing a steady flow of resources, FunBEA aims to identify and connect Environmental Education initiatives so that they can be scaled, bringing people and institutions together, aligning them with public policies, and strengthening decision making spaces.


Nationwide, FunBEA has supported the construction of the Sistema Brasileiro de Monitoramento e Avaliação de Políticas Públicas de Educação Ambiental (Brazilian System for Monitoring and Evaluation of Public Policies for Environmental Education), by developing the Plataforma MonitoraEA (MonitoREA Platform)  (conducting educational activities and workshops in all five regions of the country with educators, public managers, networks, environmental education commissions, among others), facilitating the integration, evaluation and monitoring of environmental education policies in Brazil for all participant institutions, through the use of specially designed metrics and indicators.


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