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Civil society organization founded in 2013 by activists, researchers and citizens who share a vision of a more equitable and socially integrated Rio de Janeiro. It acts as a network hub, creating a permanent space for the collaborative development of policy initiatives and programs aimed at Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro, while focusing on reducing inequality, deepening democracy, and promoting sustainable development.


Casa Fluminense believes that the achievement of these goals requires the affirmation of a public agenda which is open to participation of all citizens from the State of Rio de Janeiro, and also focuses not just on central areas at the capital, but reaches its territory and population throughout.


Casa operates on three action fronts:


1. Mobilization


We empower community leaders and popular organizations in the public making of Rio through permanent collaboration; through the promotion of the Course on Public Policies, Fórum Rio initiative and conferences; and through the development and appreciation of the metropolitan and the ‘fluminense’ (demonym for the State of Rio de Janeiro) identity.


2. Information


Based on the Mapa da Desigualdade (Inequality Map), infographics and reports, we aggregate information and data pertaining to the city of Rio de Janeiro in order to improve the quality of policy proposals and to promote better monitoring of public policy. With a network of partners, we produced the Rio Agenda, a white paper containing policy proposals for the city on economic, racial, gender, and socio-environmental justice issues.


3. Outreach


Through a well-developed networking, we act to ensure that proposals made by our network of partners reach public debate, the media, the government, and Rio de Janeiro's society as a whole. We seek to contribute with short and medium-term joint advocacy strategies on issues such as public transportation fares, train station accessibility, police lethality, and investments in sanitation.




The Casa Fluminense Fund foments actions carried out by social movements, grassroots collectives, and other popular organizations that are active in community mobilization, citizen monitoring, the defense of rights, and the promotion of local solutions to the structural challenges faced by the population in the peripheries of the Metropolitan Region of Rio de Janeiro.


We believe that opening paths to overcome inequalities in the metropolitan area of Rio is a collective task that must be guided by the actions of community leaders from the peripheries, with a prominent role for women, black men and women, youth, LGBT+ and other groups that experience its effects the most, historically having the least access to funding.


Since 2016, the Fund has supported 133 projects in 13 different cities within the Rio de Janeiro Metropolitan Region. A total of R$ 434.609 was already provided, based on three lines of support: the Agenda Rio call for proposals, support of community preparatory courses for university entrance examinations, and direct support.


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